SONO Is Here To Transform The Record Label Culture

If you are an artist, a creator or a professional in the music industry, SONO is the place for you. Far from the mainstream record label, this is a company created by the sheer love for music and the passion to connect people all over the world. Its founder and CEO Stefano Poillucci, who is a vibrant representative of the entertainment world, has already managed to sign over 40 artists from various parts of the globe. 

The story of SONO can be traced back to a local pub in southern Rome’s suburbs called Drake Pub, which Stefano Poillucci founded with two friends. This is where Stefano started organizing small concerts and music festivals to promote the growing local reality, managing to fill the parking lot in front of the shop with about 2000 people. Fast forward to a few years later and the pub was already brimming with popularity. Artists were getting in touch with Stefano to establish collaborations and soon “SONO Concerti” was born. 

After the paralyzing outbreak of COVID-19, when both the pub and SONO Concerti’s work came to an abrupt halt, SONO is back on its feet, signing artists and promoting quality music for all. 2022 marks a new direction for SONO, an unconventional record label that aims to empower artists and organizations by working as a collaborative family. 

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