SH!NER Drops An Outstanding New Single Titled “Blindside”

All the way from LA, SH!NER’s new single “Blindside” is a hit! The track starts off with powerful and follows with SH!NER’s gorgeous vocals that capture the heart of every listener. “Blindside” is all about drawing a line from the person you have been in the past to the person you currently are – grown, evolved, empowered. 

In a recent interview, SH!NER talked about his inspiration for creating his art, “I’m just naturally such a curious person, constantly filled with endless questions…Writing helps me process things + cope in a deeper way. For me, inspiration can come from anything.”

By being eclectic and open-minded, SH!NER is constantly on the roll! This up-and-coming indie artist will be seen on top of the charts after creating an original and unique piece like “Blindside.”
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