Premiere: Brilliant House Producer Woodii Comes Back With Another Banger Titled “In My Sleep”

Electronic music producer Woodii drops another impressive house track mysteriously titled “In My Sleep,” a sensational release true to the artist’s EDM roots. The heavy single starts with quite a buildup as Woodii slowly accompanies listeners to the beat drop. With soothing vocals combined with upbeat melodies and transitions, the breakdown becomes exciting as any listener would want to dance to these flawless sequences. The highlight however comes with the strong beat drop with Woodii making sure it becomes epic, loud and original. 

Woodii is one of those artists who tries to incorporate real emotions into their music and he does so by experiencing different cultures, countries and places other people aren’t familiar with. As a renowned traveler, the house sensation has lived in many different places like Hawaii, Japan and Greece, helping him develop as a human being, but also as an artist. Now based in Florida, Woodii settled in one of the hottest musical cities right now and is on a prolific string of releases this year. 

His unique musical style is very much evident in his most recent single called “In My Sleep,” where the artist takes elements from real emotions and experiences, relating them to actual beats and melodies to create a profound EDM track that’s not only made to be danced on, but somehow manages to evoke emotions and feelings as well. The exceptional musician finds himself connected with EDM fans like no other artist as he found his passion for EDM when he was attending the Ultra Japan festival, where he first discovered dance music. Ever since then, he’s been fully immersed in producing major tunes while simultaneously keeping high the standard of entertainment they distill. 

Now, Woodii finds himself equipped with all the necessary tools to become a household name in the techno genre. By keeping his productive values and growing as a musician, his future shows inevitable potential to reach stardom. Already an established musician with more than 50K loyal monthly listeners, it’s obvious why his work attracts so many EDM fans around the world. As for the phenomenal single “In My Sleep,” Woodii once again showcased how talented he truly is by creating a wonderful song for his fans.

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