Blues Rock Band The Black Keys Drop Another Soothing Album

It’s obvious why Rock fans love the band so much and it is all due to their authentic style and overall great quality of music The Black Keys manages to release. Their latest masterpiece comes with Dropout Boogie, a much anticipated collection of their latest fusion of rock and blues.

The band was formed in 2001 by guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach and his neighbor friend drummer and producer Patrick Carney in Akron, Ohio. Together they managed to produce some of the finest rock music in the 21st century therefore they are regarded as one of the best rock bands today. 

The duo had many successful records that were featured in commercials and films, the place where they got to be more mainstream than before. The Black Keys have also provided us with creative, funny and philosophical music videos that match the standard of their music. 

A few years back, the band took a break from producing music, however, fortunately they are back and focused on continuing their incredible legacy. One of the band members said that they were burnt out with all the overwhelming tour dates. Now, they have less shows yearly, but they make sure each performance is an everlasting one.