Dance Pop Band Dizzy Days Drops A Groovy Single Titled “Take My Heart”

The extremely talented Pop band, Dizzy Days, has blessed listeners around the globe with the groundbreaking single “Take My Heart.”

“The emotions in the song directly reflect the way I was feeling… and there was a lot of ‘journaling’ (AKA venting in the notes app), so everything was pretty fresh. I was in an ‘ok f*ck you’ state of mind so the lyrics are very literally saying ‘fine, take my heart, tear me to pieces but please, once you’re done this time, let me go,” says the vocalist of the band, Aisling O’Byrne.

“Take My Heart” has a unique production filled with hypnotic yet uplifting rhythms and beats. Each layer of instrumentation mixes with the vocals to create this beautiful soundscape that will get stuck in your head for many days ahead.

This seasonally appropriate song was released on April 22 and is expected to top international charts within the upcoming days. Make sure to give it a listen below: