Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Cruising At Number One With New Album Unlimited Love

The veteran band have been making great rock music since the 80s and have no aspirations to stop anytime soon. Their latest album, Unlimited Love, has brought back their early mojo as a solid rock band, with guitarist John Frusciante and beloved producer Rick Rubin coming back to work on the album. 

The 17-track album consists of Peppers’ amazing collection of their prowess as one of the best rock bands of their generation. Their style is a throwback to their earlier work and has a nostalgic sound to most Chili fans. Now, the band is touring all over the country, promoting their new album on various shows, including the Tonight Show and Howard Stern show, where they revealed their incredible process of getting this album put together. 

The inclusion of their previous guitarist John Frusciante and the great Rick Rubin was a great decision by the band and their efforts are apparent in each song. Unlimited Love is now out and available to download, purchase and stream on all platforms.