Justin S. Grant Takes It Back To The Good Old Days: “Wild World”

Ever since its timid release back in 1970, “Wild World” has become the goodbye anthem for those who have warm feelings and happy memories to cherish. This simple, heartfelt piece by Cat Stevens is loved by millions around the world and today it is presented to us in a new light by a no less creative and talented artist Justin S. Grant.  

California-native, Justin Grant has been in the game for a short amount of time and yet has managed to catch the attention of thousands, in part due to his talent and romance-infused voice; but also due to his bright personality and the ray of sunshine he brings to every composition, be it a cover or an original song. 

A Master of Arts in Transformational Psychology, Justin S. Grant has always been interested in music as he sang in the church and at various events. One of life’s turns led Justin to India and Nepal, where in the Himalayas he deepened his knowledge and love of meditation and sacred music. He then poured all his thoughts into a fascinating book Business & Spirituality ~ Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution, which explores spirituality in the busiest times yet.

After launching his career in music with a stunning single “Don’t Go”, the artist continued putting out beautiful pieces that brought together music, lyrics, and visuals to tell a story. “Naked Night”, “Fuego N’ Ice”, “Run Away” as well as several beautiful covers of much loved songs like “Let It Be” comprise Justin’s portfolio. And now he shares “Wild World” in a slightly jazzy arrangement with spectacular visuals to go with it. There is so much melancholy in the artist’s voice and so much hope for the future that the audience cannot help but smile while shedding a single tear. 

Justin S. Grant can be found on YouTube and Instagram.