Waves Rush In Latest Release “Intoxicated” Wows Fans

“Intoxicated” kicks in with an impressive hook filled with hypnotic feels and infused with the most exciting beats.

Waves Rush In with “Intoxicated” follows a unique approach as he combines different elements of electronic dance music. The song is fueled by passion and has a special ability to capture the listener’s attention.

The magnificent new release by the multi-talented artist is creating memorable moments in the electronic music scene. 

It’s safe to say that the Oxford-based artist has succeeded in delivering a top-notch project filled with smooth rhythms that are glued together by trippy beats.

The UK singer-songwriter discusses the meaning of the release saying:

“It’s written about lust and that burning desire for someone that you can’t really have in the way that you want and about the connection and release you feel when you finally get it.” 

“Intoxicated” seamlessly challenges contemporary electronic music across the world.