Witness The Power Of Music With “FRDM” By Nova Gholar

Sit back and enjoy Nova Gholar’s latest single “FRDM” that is as positive and encouraging as it is profound and meaningful. The artist worked with N.E.P.H.E.W. on this song and the two of them are shown in the music video singing, reaching back to their roots and the gospel tradition. 

“Freedom” is for everyone. It comes in various forms like freedom of expression for an artist, in Nova’s case. He has an incredible style that is unique and yet universal and through sharing his music Nova Gholar expresses himself, his original thinking and emotions which the audience can’t help but appreciate. An artist with hundreds of thousands of views and streams, Nova is taking giant steps toward legendary greatness within his niche. 

Nova Gholar’s inspiration derives from creation. He says that women represent creation and praising that helps create more loving souls. Nova is also grounded in his heritage: “Culture is my driving force for most of my feels. As a black man I feel a responsibility to  create more of what native African American culture looks and sounds like,” he says.

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