Realism Over Idealism Is aku’s Choice: “Star and Moon”

“Star and Moon” is the latest of aku’s singles. It is a story of heartbreak but, like a breath of fresh air, it is free of the typical drama. Instead, aku somehow steps aside, only expressing himself through beautiful lyrics and fascinating turns of phrase like “We were meant to love but that doesn’t mean we were meant to stay,” and many more impactful thoughts that are shared openly.

Based in New York, aku is an exceptional pop rap and hip hop artist whose music speaks to thousands. He is also an actor and a model who has made appearances in Vogue, among other names. aku launched his musical career only a few years ago but has already reached a large audience that really enjoys his otherworldly, intricate and soulful art. 

His big hit was “rose gold in paris town” that gathered over 300K streams and plays across platforms. The song is an interesting look at the honeymoon phase of falling in love where the artist tries to show people that a lot of what we see in others is an illusion, especially when one is in love. The music video supports the theme of unrealistic expectations we set for our partners, depicting blurry images that ‘look’ pretty but are mysteriously ordinary at a second glance. 

aku’s other works that have garnered much attention include “I don’t have a gun”, “Cosmic Pluralism”, and “Lost in Heaven Space”. His “star and moon” is a stunning creation, lively, emotional and yet unprejudiced and forgiving and it will expand aku’s diverse fanbase by the thousands. 

aku can be found on: InstagramYouTube  – Spotify