Flashback To ALWZ SNNY’s Epic EDM Concert Which Took Place on December 3rd

The up and going dance music producer, ALWZ SNNY, has thrown a jaw-dropping performance on December the 3rd at the Original Cancun Cantina in Hanover, Maryland. The performance was a festival-like event hosted by Sydney Lint  and it featured a series of famous names including: DJ Deville, Gianni Glo, Ayne Vapel, Marquette King and TyeRiffic.

ALWZ SNNY has described the event as super fun, he added: “The energy and atmosphere at these events are totally contagious.”

If you’re a fan and would love to attend ALWZ SNNY’s upcoming event, mark your calendar for the next performance which is believed to take place sometime during Valentine’s Day. 

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