Singer-Songwriter Raquel Kiaraa Unveils A Dazzling Single “Scorpio” (Stripped)

Singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa unveils her latest single, the dazzling music video for her song “Scorpio Stripped,” a record that sees the modern day chanteuse sing about a romance with a Scorpio man who crushed her heart and manipulated her emotionally. The song is off her newly released album, Defying Odds, streamed over 500K times by her ever-growing following base.

While most of us would just feel devastated, Raquel Kiaraa reclaims her power, weaving together a story of love’s deception that humanly connects with us all. Yet another raw and moving performance by Raquel Kiaraa, this new release comes paired with perfectly matching visuals that portray Raquel alone, playing the piano and singing, exposing her most profound emotions in the most powerful of ways. 

Released in the fall of 2020, “Scorpio,” Raquel’s debut single was instantly featured on international radio playlists worldwide, including France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Ireland, the U.K. and more. “Release Me” was her next huge hit bringing her over 100K views and countless streams. She then dropped “We Know,” a groovy love song that only proved Raquel to be a fresh talent in the world of pop music. 

Her stunning performance in “Love Got Me Sick” is a scene to remember. In the music video gorgeous Raquel sings her truth surrounded by slithery friends that affirm the overall message of the song. With Raquel, negativity gets transformed into forgiveness, an empowering example addressed to the millions out there going through similar struggles. 

Expressing her innermost feelings, showing the world her true self and living her power every step of the way, Raquel Kiaraa is a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, athletic coach and a role model for many.