Premiere | Jake Oulton Unleashes A Mesmerizing Track “Until The End”

Jake Oulton just dropped his new song “Until The End” which is to be included in the artist’s soon-to-be released EP. The song features a touching piano melody with melancholic beats that immediately set the tone, while the music video is the embodiment of the feelings Jake Oulton shows — sincerity, pain, darkness and solitude. The soundscapes, however, are only an ornate cushion supporting the rapping. Jake Oulton is known for being a poet and his lyrics only prove his talent. Epic turn of phrase like “Choose to be alone before you choose to be disgraced” or “Some are destined, some are chosen” are intricately used throughout the entire song. 

Canada native, Jake Oulton grew up on a farm, where he spent his days absorbing quality music in various genres. Influenced by the greatest artists in the game, Jake Oulton took the time to turn his love of writing poetry into songwriting, completing over 140 songs within a year which is impressive, to say the least. A hard worker, Jake Oulton always pours his heart and soul into each project, making it the best it can be. 

Jake debuted this year with a powerful track called “Life On The Highway”, a brutally honest song about feeling lost or losing the sense of self. Filled with roaring beats and profound words, this is truly a great start for Jake Oulton. His next single “Rodeo” was executed in a completely different tone  — a positive, flirty, bright song with fiery delivery that made Jake’s fans swoon. 

“Until The End” is a magnificent song that fuses hip hop, country, rock, and more. It opens up room for thought rather than simply entertaining. Jake Oulton masterfully builds up anticipation for his upcoming EP, solidifying a larger fanbase. 

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