Machine Gun Kelly Announces the Launch of His Genderless Nail Polish Line

The thirty-one-year-old American rapper, known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly or MGK, for short, can safely add entrepreneurship to his list of professions with the launch of his brand-new nail polish product line titled “UN/DN LAQR.”

The name is pronounced “Undone Lacquer” and consists of 10 colors in addition to 5 top coats, which by the way, are all completely vegan and cruelty-free. 

In a press release of the newly-announced product describes “UN/DN LAQR” as  “a genderless nail polish brand that champions self-expression while breaking boundaries and redefining a new path forward,” read a press release on the line. “At its core, UN/DN LAQR embodies a mindset and value system centered around creativity and does not conform to any gender norms set by traditional nail polish brands.”