Premiere: Alexis Kings Unveil Brilliant Alternative Rock Single “Cali Girls”

Quintessentially British alternative rock band Alexis Kings are releasing their much-anticipated new single titled “Cali Girls.” The band members are Brendan Aherne and Fabio Bocca.  This magnetic track is the first glimpse off their upcoming EP. The song was written by Brendan Aherne, and produced by Alexis Kings and Brett Shaw. 

Alexis Kings describe the song as a “look into today’s obsession with looks and the pressure of social likability.” Despite its cool, feel-good and funky vibe, “Cali Girls” sheds light on a very relevant issue of our modern societies, especially when it comes to raising awareness about the consequences of confusing social media presence with reality. . 

The beauty that lies at the core of “Cali Girls” stems from its aesthetics and sonic structure. Alexis Kings are masters at creating an atmosphere of alternative rock with an 80’s feel, a visionary ‘retro meets contemporary’ that does wonders in terms of creating a truly special listening experience. 

One of the most prominent British rock bands coming out of the United Kingdom, Alexis Kings’ contagious energy, electric showmanship and creative drive has been the unwavering foundation to their multi-layered influence within music and pop culture. 

The band consists of Brendan Aherne (Vocals) and Fabio Bocca (Drums). The pair love experimenting with fusing Country, Soul, Hip-hop and Funk, always layered atop a solid Rock n Roll base. Flaunting poetic and confident lead lines that beautifully reflect their influences from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kings of Leon and Tom Misch, Alexis Kings have truly found their own lane in music.  

Having toured on the back of early success with sold out shows, global televised appearances, network performances on BBC, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch and Gaby Roslin’s BBC London show is just a small taste of Alexis Kings’ reach, promise and trajectory. 

With millions of streams, hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, sold-out tours, the band is rapidly on its way to global success. “Cali Girls” is set to further their rise in music, both locally and internationally. 

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