Premiere: ZAM Official Fully Tap Into Their Creative Power In New Single “No Reason”

ZAM Official released their latest single, “No Reason,” a record displaying the full spectrum of their collective and individual artistic powers. Composed of a talented trio of young artists; Rasti, Goldi & Mika, ZAM Official follow-up in style to their previous single, “Selfish,” a song about doing things for yourself and being carefree.  

The new single, “No Reason,” is about how a guy could do a million things to impress you, but you still won’t give him a chance. Empowering women and girls, including from their own generation, ZAM Official lead the way by deploying a narrative in which, as they put it best “it’s all about us with no distractions, and we are sticking to it!”

The synchronicity displayed by the 3 skilled artists is truly impressive, with vocals, beats and instrumentals perfectly intertwined in this flawless production. 

Rasti, Goldi, and Mika, together making ZAM, took their long term friendship to combine talents and create music that represents their style and path on the road to success. These 3 hardworking, independent, and talented Black women uplift each-other through song making as they learn how to master the creative process. Their biggest achievements to date include using their raw talent and bold personalities to get the attention of big names like Trina, Travis Payne, Bump J, Cheeze Beatz, Foreign Teck and more! 

ZAM Official signed their first independent record label deal within just a few months of making music together as a group. The heart and soul that emanates from their music over a mix of pop, r&b and hip-hop, is set to appeal to the masses and strengthen their rise in music this year. 

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