Avril Lavigne Is Back With A Groundbreaking Project “Bite Me”

Hang on tight, we’ll now tell you more about Avril’s upcoming project: “Bite Me.” 

The queen of punk appeared with James Corden to spill more about her upcoming project. After disappearing for a while from the scene, Lavigne got back to the game like never before. 

During her performance at The Late Late Show with James Corden, Lavigne was able to comfortably take over the stage with her robust vocals and charisma.

It’s worth noting that Lavigne also collaborated with Willow Smith on “G R O W,” which received massive support on the track. 

I can’t wait for everybody to experience the incredible music she’s about to drop,” Avril stated. 

You can check out Avril’s performance below:

“Bite Me” was dropped on November 10, check it out now: