Top 10 best singer/songwriter singles

James Bay – Let It Go

British singer-songwriter and guitarist’s “Let It Go” is a must-hear. The artist’s soulful, full of personality voice and the profound, emotional lyrics make “Let It Go” unforgettable while its musical score is unmistakably modern and original. “Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me,” hits hard and is one of the many reasons everyone connects to this song.

Gregory Robson of AbsolutePunk said that “Let It Go” was “a rising current of despondency, heartache and powerhouse vocals. Arguably one of the year’s most heart-rendering songs, “Let it Go” is also the clearest example of who exactly Bay is, that is, supple instrumentation, gauzy textures and that ageless croon”.

Billy Joel – She’s Always A Woman

The “Piano Man”, who is in his 70’s now, sang his timeless classic “She’s Always A Woman” in 1977. Ever since its release date, this song has had millions of listeners worldwide and has been played at the most fascinating events. Included in The Stranger album, this song was charted #17 in the US and #29 in the UK. 

The artist wrote the song for Elizabeth, the lady he was married to for a few years and who worked as Billy Joel’s manager at a time in history when very few women did something similar.

“She’s Always A Woman” is a beautiful song created with the earnest determination of the artist and the characteristic innocence of the time. Absolutely loved and cherished, this is one of the pieces of art that has not been the cause of arguments and controversy and that makes it truly great.

Vincent Poag – Cradle Moon

“Cradle Moon” is one of the twelve songs sheltered in Vincent Poag’s latest album Masquerade. A positive, sophisticated song showcasing the artist’s unique voice, “Cradle Moon” has an inexplicably charming aura about it that makes one want to play it again and again. “Barcelona” and “Make Believe” are also included in this album, absolutely emotional, profound, and full of encouragement. 

The New York based artist has always had a boundless passion for music and his talent is undeniable judging by the millions of views and streams he has generated so far. His influences were the Broadway musicals of the 1950’s, the music of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hammerstein, but his biggest inspiration was Bob Dylan. 

Dean Lewis – Be Alright

The 2019 pop song “Be Alright” has about 200 million views and for a good reason – it’s absolutely beautiful, emotional, and meaningful. Master of storytelling, Dean Lewis paints quite a picture of modern relationships, love and betrayal. The video clip is filled with a modern aesthetic in pastel colors which allows for the focus to be fully on the music and the singer’s powerful, emotional vocal performance. Depicting a love story that ends abruptly and the feelings that naturally bubble up when one is still hung up, still in love and the other person is moving on, the song accurately expresses all the resentment, the headache and anger people typically go through. But at the end of the day “it’ll be alright,” he says which is encouraging for the audience. 

Maisie Peters – You Signed Up For This

The young British singer-songwriter has been very popular with millions of views and streams. “You Signed Up For This” is definitely one of her best songs from the homonymous album that was released this year. Nonchalantly commanding yet flamboyant, Maisie reminds everyone that it’s all about progression over perfection saying that “I’ll be better, I’m just not better right now”. As we all should strive for less perfection but for small steps toward the desired outcome, Maisie Peters playfully points out that there is much she hasn’t accomplished yet but she’ll do better tomorrow and so on. 

“You Signed Up For This” is a fun, creative, and beautiful song that has become a favorite for millions of pop and hip hop fans.

Wrabel – london

The LA-based singer has much to offer in his song “london” and his first solo debut album these words are all for you which made a huge amount of noise. Timeless guitar and the artist’s charming voice charged with emotional intensity is absolutely stunning. “London” is a romantic song for all of us who like to reminisce about past love or just miss someone every now and then. 

“I always thought my first record would be a break-up record, since the first time I started making it, it very much was. This album is filled with love. Hope. True stories and true feelings. I hope me sharing in this way helps even one person feel understood, feel better, feel like they’re not alone, and it offers hope that love will come and bring the healing powers it holds,” Wrabel said in an interview with Variance Magazine.

Glenn Foreman – She

The charismatic singer released “She” this year and it certainly is a hit for his audience. Well-paced, fun, and casual song, “She” is exciting to listen to. Somewhat reminiscent of the 80’s music adorned with all the best modern effects, Glenn Foreman creates a spectacular show for the listeners. Having launched his professional musical career in 2021, the singer established his presence immediately with “She” and “Sailing”, equally beautiful and relatable songs.

BYNK – Black Sheep

An emotional song from an epic singer with the most extraordinary voice. So many of us feel like “the odd one out” and BYNK knows it, saying “so what?” His message is hopeful and encouraging, letting his audience know it is ok to be different from everyone else. Simple and plain, BYNK lays out all the truths of how people feel without sugarcoating it. His music, however, is supportive and empowering to be kind to ourselves. 

“Black Sheep” is one of BYNK’s best singles of this year. Others include “We Don’t Need No One” and “drivers license”, both showcasing the artist’s unique voice.

Jasmine Thompson – already there

Gorgeous young lady, Jasmine Thompson is a talented singer and her new single is just great to listen to. Millions of listeners worldwide appreciate Jasmine’s beautiful voice and authentic songs. “Already there” is her newest release that is absolutely stunning, carrying out the creativity and honesty of the artist through its unforgettable soundscapes. 

This song is the first of the Grammy award-winning artist’s new EP called all of the above. “This EP covers a paragraph in my life,” Jasmine says in her interview with Total Entertainment. “It’s an offering to my fans and I hope it connects with them the way it’s connected with me.”

Tessa Rose Jackson x Someone – Paris At Midnight

Last but not least, “Paris At Midnight” is everything you expect and more! A beautiful collaboration between Tessa Rose Jackson and Someone, “Paris at Midnight” and “Strange World” both have the casual French charm. Melodic, dreamy, this single is loved globally, combining the two artists’ fanbases.