A Teaser For Their Upcoming EP, Hot Mondy Has Released Single And Music Video, “Vampire”

​​Toronto-based band Hot Mondy has revealed the release of a new track and music video, dubbed “Vampire,” which will be presented on October 22. Tobler and Imagine That Films’ Brad Tobler have collaborated on Hot Mondy’s first 6-track EP, “Vampire,” which features Marnee McClellan as a vampire. This stunning music video once again reveals the band’s varied artistic character, in pursuit of their unique identity via inventive ways that can be heard in the tiniest elements. “Vampire” is reminiscent of the early 20th century’s images but yet calming, funky, and lyrical, allowing the listener to perceive the song in their own way.

A budding Canadian band, Hot Mondy consists of five buddies. Among the members are lead vocalist Matt Rhind, rhythm guitarist and vocalist Travis Flint, guitarist Troy Arsenault, acoustic guitarist Mat Budreski, and bassist Matt Brannon. In an instant, the five buddies developed a bond that drove them to forge diamonds. Every single release they’ve made so far shows their passion for music, art, and video. It’s a continuation of “Pale Ember” and “Desert Moonlight” with a sprinkling of different genres, which is captivating. As part of the release of the music video for this country/rock hybrid, which has a driving rhythm and thick, sliding songs, the band debuted this excellent combination of country and rock. It’s a work of art in every sense of the word. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.” Refreshingly, Hot Mondy shows that artists who follow their passion and give their all to what they believe in can persist. A complete LP will be published early in 2022 once all of the tracks from the band’s first EP have been released, making them one of the most exciting newly formed Canadian bands of 2017.

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