Netflix Announces Season 4 of Sex Education

So, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Netflix officially confirmed Season 4 of Sex Education. However, the 4th season of the successful series won’t be arriving anytime soon.

What do we know so far about season 4? 

Previously, in an interview with ELLE, Butterfield (Otis), said he wants to see how Maeve’s and Otis’ relationship will proceed. “To explore themselves and to be more focused either on their relationship with themselves or their platonic relationships with their friends and family” he said.

According to how the third season ended, we expect that season 4 will connect the dots that were scattered throughout season 3. We expect Maeve to return from the United States and maybe try to revive the romance with Otis.

The one baffling mystery that we can’t wait for it to be solved is with Moordale being sold, what will be the fate of the students?