London Indie Trio kid apollo Share New Single “Lose Yourself” From Upcoming Debut EP

Brixton, London based outfit kid apollo have released their new single “lose yourself”, the latest from their upcoming debut EP all i think about, out November10th. Composed of singer singer and producer Jimmy HM and twin brothers (and producers) Felix and Theo Ratigan, provide a musical insight of the day-to-day life as teenagers in London, relationships, and the darker side of London’s nightlife, crafted by lo-fi R&B pop.

Accompanied by a stunning self-directed video, “lose yourself.” follows singer Jimmy HM as he’s escorted through the streets of London, depicting notions of being consumed by the city he now resides in, soundtracked by their hazy, lo-fi pop style.

Speaking on the release of the new track, singer Jimmy HM said: “I wrote ‘lose yourself.’ to get across how I really felt when being consumed by the city, in both good and bad ways. I talk about how I often found myself using things that London offered to distract me from people and situations that I’ve had to leave in the past – ‘Replace it, No drama’.”

With their debut EP ‘all i think about’ out November 10th, the band commented: “We’re expressing our experiences within the way we live through our music. We aim to never restrict ourselves to one genre as this wouldn’t reflect the type of artists we are. Whether the songs are talking about relationships or our last function, all we really want when someone first listens to our music is for them to be in their own space and get lost in the songs.”

Listen to the laid-back release below: