Netflix’s “Maid” Offers A Raw Message

“Maid” is a Netflix original drama series that takes viewers through the struggles of a young mother who tries to escape an abusive marriage. 

According to the creators of the series, “Maid” is based on a true story – It’s inspired by Stephanie Land’s memoir. Unlike in the show, Stephanie worked for more than six years as a cleaner before attending the University of Montana. After studying there, she started writing for Vox and New York Times. 

Land also opened up about how her surroundings judged her for her circumstances, making it extremely hard for her to share her struggle with the public.

“I think it’s very true that America has a cast system. And that we put a lot of value on the situation that you were born into, and the situation you arrive in your adult life, but we don’t think about how the bootstrap myth is no longer possible,” Land explained.