Songwriter Margot Polo Turns A Dream Into Reality With His Feel-Good Hit “It’s My Birthday”

Los Angeles songwriter/producer David Provenzano has shared his second single this year under his moniker Margot Polo with “It’s My Birthday”. Inspired by a dream, the new track is a feel-good and joyous track combines a sweet acoustic guitar melody with the breezy surf-pop of the Beach Boys. About the song, he share:

“I woke up on the morning of my birthday from a dream in which I was around a campfire with all my close friends and family–including my great-grandma, who had passed away just some years ago–and we were all singing the chorus melody of this song. Entirely from this dream, I had almost the whole song: melodies, production, arrangement, entirely laid out for me in my head. True story.”

Listen to the upbeat indie pop single below: