Newcomer Graham Lake Pushes Genre Out The Window On Hyperactive New Single “FOCUS”

Stockholm-born singer/producer Graham Lake was introduced to the music world before he was even born, as both his parents were musicians, including his mother who was performing while pregnant with him. During high school, he picked up DJing and production, and now ready to launch his career as a budding alt-pop artist, he has shared his new single “FOCUS”, co-produced by Galantis’ Linus Eklöw.

“We experience so many feelings in life, and I want to incorporate as many of those as possible into my music,” he states. “I try to add an edge to pop and tell an unpredictable story. Some of my songs are uplifting. Some of them are sadder and darker. What they have in common is I believe there’s always something new out there. That motivates me to make music.”

And on “FOCUS”, the possibilities feel endless as his bass-heavy track flashes with FINNEAS-esque intensity and EDM-powered hooks. Built on the idea of focusing on yourself, Lake keeps an exhilarating and positive outlook on things: “It’s about focusing on yourself during a toxic relationship, changing jobs, or anything in life. The only way you can go about solving a problem is by focusing on yourself.”

Watch the new music video below and stay tuned for more music from the emerging talent: