Irina Shayk x Tamara Mellon: Capsule II Has Arrived Just in Time for Fall

Irina Shayk and Tamara Mellon teamed up earlier this year in June to create the ultimate capsule collection, and they’ve reunited to create a second installment of boots and “bants,” or pant-boots, which dropped on Oct. 13 for the Fall/Winter season.

Tamara Mellon is breaking every traditional rule of fashion, under the direction of the co-founder of Jimmy Choo. The brand prides themselves on making their shoes and handbags in the finest Italian factories, and speaking out on women’s issues to inspire strength and confidence in their clients. So, who better to pair up with than Irina Shayk? The model has stood for campaigns for luxury brands such as Versace, Burberry, and Givenchy, but she also has a strong focus on humanitarian advocacy, working as an ambassador for the Pomogi Organization, NY Food Bank, and several local charities in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia, her hometown. She encourages women to celebrate their imperfections.

This second Irina Shayk x Tamara Mellon collaboration focuses the designs on form and function, creating three new silhouettes. The team wanted this collection to help a woman feel the most powerful and sexy possible. Tamara is known for creating bants, or the pant-boot, and continues to revolutionize the original idea through this collection in a pair titled “Sweet Revenge.” These shoes have a chunky leg sole and side zipper, making them the “sleekest and most wearable version yet,” costing $1,795. Made in all black, these bants will add a flair and spice to your outfit.

The second shoe in the collection is “Iri,” known as a cousin to Sweet Revenge, priced at $1,595. Iri comes in black and white, and is customizable, as the original boot lands just above the knee, but the zippers allow for the top portion to be removed, creating a shorter version. The white and black pairs can even be mixed and matched.

Lastly, we have the third pair of boots, called “Spike,” because what’s a shoe collection without at least one pair of high heels? These shoes cost $895, and with the shoe base looking similar to a cowboy boot, but the heel itself looking like a silver dagger, you surely wouldn’t want to get stepped on by these. Coming in the colors of anthracite, or a dark silver, and androgyne, dark brown, these shoes are the perfect combination of that cowgirl aesthetic you’ve been trying to achieve, with a high level of formality for all occasions.

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