Signs That Your Workplace Is Toxic

Have you ever felt like your workplace is toxic? Have you ever gone to work and you had that feeling in your heart that your time is up? Did you want to jump into a whole different career or start your own business?

We spent most of our lives working. Most people spend more than 8 hours per day at their workplace. So bear in mind that if you don’t love what you do, you’re gonna spend most of your time being miserable and unsatisfied. That’s why, we have to ask ourselves: Do I want to introduce a change or do I want to continue living a miserable life?

So, if your workplace has any of these signs, you might want to self-reflect and take some time to think about if this is really what you want. 

The first sign that you should look out for is whether you’re being treated like a robot. If your manager doesn’t make you feel like you’re a human being, you are not going to give your best. 

Another sign is if you’re getting bullied. If your manager belittles you and makes you feel small, you really should ask yourself if you’re in the right job. The third sign is in regards to complaining. You feel yourself in a contagious negative environment of gossiping and complaining. It just keeps bringing more and more negativity no one is ever satisfied. Moving on to the fourth sign and that is poor communication. You keep finding yourself confused because you’re lacking clarity in regards to information. And that holds you back from thriving in your job. 

Lastly, the fifth sign is your gut feelings. Always trust your gut feelings. You can feel it in your heart, you just know if it is the right place for you or if you should just quit.