Robert Pattinson Has Really Nailed The Whole Batman Growling Voice Thing

As a culture, we have decided that Batman’s voice sounds like it was run through a woodchipper. You’ll never hear Bruce Wayne and his costumed alter ego speak with the peppy, high-pitched cadence of, say, John Mulaney, because that wouldn’t inspire fear in the hearts of the Riddler or Catwoman, now would it? It seems like every new Batman iteration plunges his voice down an octave, posing a potential thespian roadblock for actors looking to tackle the role — but worry not, Gotham City, because Robert Pattinson sounds every bit like the morose Caped Crusader we’ve come to expect.

The official Twitter account for The Batman, the upcoming film starring Pattinson, posted a short teaser for the full trailer. In the clip, Batman rather menacingly grumbles that “It’s not just a signal; it’s a warning” as the Bat Signal flashes through a thunderstorm. The famously brooding Pattinson has nailed the famously brooding Batman voice, without a hint of happiness or his native English accent. His voice is so low, it’s on a frequency that only whales can hear, with the gravely delivery we’ve come to expect from the Dark Knight.

The teaser will be followed by the movie’s full trailer, debuting at the DC Fandome event on October 16. Meanwhile, director Matt Reeves also treated fans to a scene from the trailer, in which Batman overlooks the cursed city that he is begrudgingly tasked with protecting. Maybe in this new franchise, the saddest superhero will finally get some trauma-informed therapy. In the meanwhile, let’s hope Pattinson soothed his aching vocal cords with plentiful cuppa teas in his trailer. Check out the teasers below.