The Reason Behind The Beatles’ Breakup

“John walked into the room one day and said, ‘I’m leaving the Beatles,” Paul McCartney stated in an interview explaining the breakup of one of the most famous bands in history.

McCartney also added how the split affected his personal life, as he turned to alcohol. He also added how it was difficult for him to grasp the incident, as The Beatles was his life.

“The Beatles were breaking up and this was my band, this was my job, this was my life,” McCartney added.

“I wanted it to continue, I thought we were doing some pretty good stuff — you know, ‘Abbey Road,’ ‘Let It Be,’ not bad.”

The Rock band originated in Liverpool, and ever since entering the limelight, it never failed to amaze fans with its splendid projects. 

The band has seven Grammy Awards under its belt, not to forget the four Brit Awards and an Academy Award.