Katy B Is Set To Return With A New Song Titled “Open Wound”

Katy B is expected to drop a new song called “Open Wound” which will be released under a new EP “Peace and Offerings.” The famous Jazz singer Karis will join Katy B in “Open Wound.”

Peace and Offerings EP is home to the following project:

01 Under My Skin

02 Open Wound [ft. Jaz Karis]

03 Dancing Round the Truth

04 Lay Low

05 Aftermath

06 Floating

07 In Your Room

08 Daydreaming on a Tuesday

“I think I consciously leaned into my R&B side more on this project. With the clubs being closed, it reflects what I’d be listening to and vibing to at home,” Katy B said about the release. She also added how she’s a fanatic of R&B songs and how this project made her combine the best of what she has.

 “My top 10 songs are classic R&B songs, I’m a nostalgia head, and I wanted to bring that throwback feel to the music.”

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Katy B possesses an extraordinary artistic talent, where she never fails to bless us with heartwarming projects, one after the other.

“Open Wound” moves the listener’s soul in the most beautiful way possible. You should check it out: