On the brink of getaway, Hermès pays homage to its roots

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Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski staged a sophisticated collection at Le Bourget Airport, amid custom artwork by Flora Moscovici

Amongst the glamorous sets and catwalks that characterize the Paris Fashion Week, Hermès diverted to staging in the most unconventional location, Le Bourget airport.

The show was strongly influenced by Flora Moscovici’s works. The bright warm hues of her hand-painted color fields set the tone for the show and the collection as a whole. The colors resonate positivity and excitement for the return of freedom, and provide a framework for how women view the return of fashion in the new year. This sense of liberation was a central theme, building on the comfort and practicality which dominated the 2020 fashion scene, but re-envisioned through Hermès’s lens, adding a sensual and sophisticated edge via the intricacy of leather, knitwear, and overall craftsmanship excellence.

The warm tones used by Moscovici complement and expand the classical Hermès color palette and provide a sharp contrast to the darker motifs which inferred a sensual and stronger edge.