Change The Way You See Yourself

In today’s society your appearance is more important than anything else. Women are expected to be skinny, curvy, dressed sexy to be attractive to men. While men, they are expected to have a six pack, bulging muscles, and a sharp jawline. Our society has all these unrealistic expectations when it comes to body image and appearance. This often leads to people being dissatisfied with their appearances, which often affects their physical health and also mental health.

Body image is the way you see yourself and imagine the way you look. When you surround yourself with a culture that sets unrealistic standards, it will influence how you see yourself as you try to compare yourself to these unrealistic expectations. Thus, leading to low self esteem, physical and health problems resulting from unhealthy means to lose/ gain weight. 

Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with realistic standards. Consume media that portrays real bodies and real unedited images. Lately, a lot of brands are making clothes that support self-love.