You Can Now Kiss Skinny Jeans Goodbye

Skinny Jeans are out, and baggy pants are in – I can’t be happier!

The baggy pants are making a comeback after years of struggles with the uncomfortable cut of skinny jeans. 

Gen Z’s are now kissing their skinny jeans goodbye, yet millennials are having some struggles to let go of the trend. 

According to data provided by FIT A Blog in the past couple of months, consumers have mostly bought mom jeans. While skinny jeans have seen a pretty decrease in both popularity and purchase. 

Celebrities, including fashion icons, have already started embracing the new style and ultimately altering the public’s opinion about the issue.

That being said, people will still buy skinny jeans, even if they are not trendy anymore. The most important thing is to buy what you like and what you feel is the most comfortable for you. The new generation doesn’t care about fashion rules anymore.