AMIRI’s first NYC store re-cements SoHo’s artistic identity

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Mike Amiri envisioned the new store as a mix of natural and industrial materials, combining California flora with New York’s landscape

A minimalistic entrance, a gallery-like atmosphere, fluted concrete walls drawn in maximum daylight and exhibited artwork welcome visitors in Amiri’s new store on Greene Street.

Mike Amiri, an LA native who grew up in Hollywood, was inspired by the ‘90s countercultures and established a special signature with his graphic tees, hand-embellished denim jeans, leather jackets and flannel shirts—all influenced by his Californian youth. So far, there has been only one flagship store in Beverly Hills. Now, he is about to open a new standalone store in New York’s SoHo, the city’s long-standing artistic center.

The inside offers a true mix of natural and industrial materials and combines California flora with New York’s landscape. Products are intermixed with classic art and design pieces, curated by Mike himself, such as those by renowned LA artist Wes Lang and his work Blood ‘38.

It’s a space to discover, explore and spend time in, a space that creates a local mindset within the Amiri world.