American Food-Processing Company Heinz Releases “Packet Roller”

The company behind your favorite sauces a.k.a Kraft Heinz recently rolled out a brand-new gadget in hopes of solving all your sauce-related problems.

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They call it the “Packet Roller” and claim this is the “biggest innovation in the sauce since the packet itself. 100% sauce extraction for 100% sauce satisfaction.” What it does, in short, is it helps you to squeeze and extract out all of any single sauce packet. 

If you live in the United States, you can now purchase it online on The roller itself is packet-size and portable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it with you to wherever you wish to eat. Each one costs exactly $5.70.

This comes after the scarcity in ketchup we faced during quarantine as a result of the surge in delivery and takeout food. Consequently, earlier in April, the company pledged to increase its ketchup packet production by 25% each year.