Number of British Expats in Portugal Skyrockets

Brits seem to love Portugal as the Portuguese Border of Immigration Services known as SEF recently revealed that the second-largest nationality in Portugal turns out to be British. As a matter of fact, just between 2019-2020, the country has seen a drastic increase of 34.6 percent, to be precise. It is also worth noting that a big chunk of these people is from the younger generation. 

The reasons behind this are many but the most prominent are Brexit and Portugal’s tax system, which allows for foreigners to benefit from a special form of tax reduction. This of course is in addition to Portugal’s ideal lifestyle – long life expectancy, excellent education, work-life balance, location in the EU, the Mediterranean climate, and so on.

Study in Portugal: A Guide for International Students

It is safe to say that we won’t be seeing a decline in this trend anytime soon. In fact, if anything the number of people moving there will most probably increase. More and more resources and services to assist in the immigration process are popping up as well. 

Take a look at the “Moving To Portugal” initiative organized by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK. They provide all the necessary information in detail from A to Z.