Here’s What you Need to Know About the Recent Vegan Festival in Singapore

Until recently, the majority of people (if not all), used to rely heavily on meat consumption. However, as we see advocates talking about the cruelty of the animal industry, many are starting to embrace veganism. 

In Singapore, a vegan festival took place where its sole purpose was to encourage people to transition to veganism. The event organizers had invited experts and activists from the field to share insights with the public.

It is worth noting that vegan festivals have been taking place almost everywhere in the world, including the USA, Italy, Romania, Nigeria, Norway, Greece, among many others. When it comes to food politics, it’s crucial to be as inclusive as possible, and that’s only possible by making veganism accessible and affordable to everyone. 

The vegan festival in Singapore lasted for over ten days (from August 27 – September 5), where attendees had to enjoy a wide variety of vegan products, participate in open discussions, meet with celebrity chefs, and chat with like-minded people. What captivated the audience the most was the way the event was organized, as many thought it would be dull. Additionally, attendees left the festival equipped with in-depth knowledge about the issue.

Check out their FB account for more details about the festival.