German Chancellor Angela Merkel Officially Identifies Herself as a Feminist

After many years of holding back from giving an official stance, Germany’s first female Chancellor Angela Merkel finally describes herself as a feminist after an event in Dusseldorf that she attended with Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 

In her exact words, she told reporters “Essentially, it’s about the fact that men and women are equal, regarding their participation in society and in life in general. And in that sense I can say: ‘Yes, I’m a feminist” and she contintued by asking everyone to become a feminist. 

It is safe to say that unlike past times when she was asked the same question but shied away from an official declaration, this time, not only did Merkel make a bold and clear statement, but also an exemplary one.

Note that after serving as the German Chancellor for almost sixteen years, Merkel is marking her last days in office as she will be stepping down from that position following the elections Germany will hold on September 26, later this year. She previously stated that she will not be seeking a new term. 

Here’s a snippet of the referenced event.

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