“Do you actually like your body hair or not?” Queen Esie wants you to reach your personal goals

In real life, mostly, women with body hair still feel pressured, but norms are slowly but surely changing. According to a recent study, one in four women have stopped shaving their armpits. And the numbers are going up with every day…

Montreal’s body hair activist Esther Calixte-Bea, known as Queen Esie, has a mission to normalize female body hair.

Growing tired of having to fit this idea of beauty that is so toxic and narrow makes it important to empower women by simply breaking free from these boxes that prevent us from embracing who we really are.

Calixte-Bea kicked off her Lavender Project, a photography series that showed off her body hair. She began receiving messages from different women around the world who have also spent their lives thinking that ideal body is hairless.

“When I learned I was freeing other women, it became bigger than me.”

Calixte-Bea wants women to choose whether they want to keep hair or remove it. Do anything but don’t feel shamed !