Cardi B And Lizzo Are Dripping In Gold Schiaparelli Jewelry In The Art For “Rumors”

Slowly but surely, Cardi B is collaborating with the brightest talent in hip-hop, and we can’t get enough of her duets. And neither can the universe — her collab with Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP,” broke streaming records, become a cultural moment, pissed off conservatives, and spawned a newfound joy for cooking macaroni and cheese. “Wild Side,” her single with Normani, ushered in a comeback for the hyper-talented former Fifth Harmony singer. Now, Cardi is partnering with another icon in her own right, Lizzo, and from song artwork, we’re in for another over-the-top glamorous stylistic ride.

The two musicians shared the artwork for “Rumors” on their Instagrams, which is set to be released tomorrow. In a color palette of brilliant gold, they are both are wearing surrealist earrings from Schiaparelli’s Spring 2021 Couture collection. Lizzo’s earring resembles a stretched lobe with several hoops, while Cardi’s piece playfully covers her entire ear. Elsa Schiaparelli used ears as a motif in her work, and creative director Daniel Roseberry has continued to draw upon her history in his work.

The gold doesn’t stop there — along with more chunky jewelry by Jennifer Fisher and Lee Rodkin, their matching gold nails are so long and sharp, they could double as rhinestone-encrusted weapons. This nail artistry was created by Eri Ishizu, while Lizzo’s Dolce & Gabbana corset was covered in even more rhinestones by The Disco Daddy. If that isn’t enough flashiness for you, just wait until the actual video drops; from the looks of this styling and the teaser below, we’ve seen nothing yet. “Rumors” drop tomorrow at 12am EST.