Alt-Rock Group Mrs. Henry Share Imaginative Music Video From 3-Part Rock Opera “Peace, Love, Rock N Roll”

San Diego roots rockers Mrs. Henry have set off towards their ambitious goal of a 3-part rock opera with the opening act “Peace, Love, Rock n’ Roll”. With roaring, anthemic power and glory-filled stadium rock, the band showcase their spirited Americana-meets-Arena rock world, with a Meat Loaf-era lick to propel it forward. Adding to the magnificent and theatrical piece, the group have shared the dazzling and imaginative music video that brings a cult-like community to their feet with colour, flare, and pizazz.

On the new single, the band share, “‘Peace, Love, Rock N Roll’ is an evolution of a song to a rock anthem for today, reminding us that we are all one. It is the encore and final song of our three-act Rock Opera, this is our hero’s send-off as they finally embrace individuality, a salvation through self, and an uplifting message of unity found in hope“.

Watch the music video and stay tuned for more music: