Swedish Songwriters Nea & SHY Martin Share Euphoric Music Video For “No Regrets”

As summer continues to barrel on at full speed, Swedish electronic songwriters and longtime friends Nea and SHY Martin have dropped their collaborative summer hit “No Regrets”. Since first meeting in a small village in the Swedish countryside, the pair took off to music school together and continue to share their talents around the world for song writing session and collaborations.

About this new release SHY Martin shares, “Me, Nea and Victor Thell wrote ‘No Regrets’ last spring and completely fell in love with the song. We’ve been talking about doing a song together for a while and this felt like the perfect one.” 

Nea adds, “I’m so thankful I get to go to places like LA and London where I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best writers and artists in the world. LA is amazing and brings amazing opportunities but it can also be a very lonely city. That’s why it’s been so nice the times I’ve been there at the same time as SHY Martin, just to hang out with a friend from home in between studio sessions means a lot.” 

On the video, which was filmed in the Swedish countryside, Nea adds: “We wanted to make a video for ‘No Regrets’ with a touch of euphoria and summer, a vibe of just being carefree and going with it. Our first video idea unfortunately ended up getting shot at the rainiest day in Sweden in 10 years (HOW do you even spot that??) and turned out way too grey and sad to suit the song. So… all we could do was to get back at it and shoot a new video – this time the warmest day of summer, golden hour in a cabbed down car, and finally we really nailed the feeling of ‘No Regrets’.”

The warm synthesizer tones and chill-house drop combine with spirited vocals for a feel-good anthem that encapsulates the desires and freedom of a beautiful summer day. Watch the music video below: