Rihanna Celebrated Her Perfume Selling Out With Caviar In Bed

Business mogul in the streets, plastic utensils in the sheets. This morning, newly-minted billionaire Rihanna has added a fragrance to her empire and, predictably, Fenty Eau de Parfum sold out within hours of its launch. She celebrated her newest hit product in the most Rihanna way possible: pantless and eating caviar in bed with a plastic spoon. What a legend.

In the photos, which are sure to become astrology memes any minute now, she is seated in what looks like a hotel bed. Clad only in an oversized sweatshirt and sunglasses indoors, Rihanna is enjoying the delicacy on a literal silver platter. She makes the opulent snack seem all the more campy by eating it with a plastic spoon, which begs the following questions. Did she order caviar from Seamless? If so, did she forget to click the box to decline plastic silverware and napkins? Why didn’t the silver tray come with a matching spoon? Granted, caviar should be served with non-metal utensils to avoid ruining the flavor, but plastic? Couldn’t she spring for a fancy gold spoon?

Regardless, it’s Rihanna’s knack for making luxury seem blasé that makes people love her. The attitude in this picture — that doing rich people things is even funnier when you break the rules that rich people came up with — is precisely why people will continue to buy her makeup, skincare products, lingerie, and now, her perfume. Long may she reign.