Marine Serre Knows Eco-futurism Fashion is Here to Stay

Ever the overachievers, a Fall/Winter lookbook wasn’t enough for Marine Serre, so they created a documentary and book to usher in their new collection. The Marine Serre line is eco-conscious to its core, and the film highlights the design process and the versatility of the collection. Serre and her team upcycle and repurpose fabrics into new designs meant to last.

Core is a collection that captures a systemic revolution within the fashion industry, in which designers around the world reflect on how to adapt the industry to a changing world.

“This last year has been difficult for everyone, but there is no longer any question about it, things must be done differently. We want to bring Ecofuturism to the streets,” says Marine Serre.

While many companies are trying to integrate upcycled materials into their collections, they’re often priced higher than new products. Serre’s clothing, on the other hand, estimates half of their material is from regenerated textiles and half is from recycled fabrics. What’s more, the regenerated items’ prices are going down. As Marine Serre evolves, dramatic steps are being taken to consume fashion in a new way: regenerative fashion must be accessible to a broader audience.

The documentary, book, and collection are three equal pillars of the new release. They are all divided into the same twelve chapters of new products: fleece bedcover, leather, moire, silk scarves, denim, tartan scarves, t-shirt patchworking, carpets, crazy pullovers, household linen, workwear, and tailoring. The film takes you on a deeper dive into the world of Marine Serre: inviting the viewer into ateliers, factories, and studios across Europe and highlighting the regenerative process.

“CORE is a love letter to all who are feeling lost in a world of isolation,” said Marine Serre. “This year we found strength in our roots and imagination as a force for transformation.”

 Photo by Louis Baquiast

Photo by Louis Baquiast