Irish Folktronica Outfit Let’s Set Sail Share Expansive 8-Minute Single “Toledo”

Dublin-based quartet Let’s Set Sail return with the release of their stunning new single “Toledo”, the first single to be taken from their upcoming EP Enzo due October 1st. Through lush, cinematic folktronica and trickling ambient details, the group explore a variety of locations on each song from the EP. For their latest single, they head to Spain. The band explain, “this song emerged from an electronic solo track that Ian casually shared online after the death of Robin Williams. It was called, Good Morning Vietnam. We felt it would make a good song for the band, so Warren added lyrics. The lyrics are very literal and follow a clear timeline of an early morning journey from Dublin to Toledo, Spain. It’s a trip that Warren made frequently a few years ago while his girlfriend was living there. On this particular occasion a decent amount of drink and a dismal amount of sleep were taken the night before.”

The journey is condensed into a stunning 8-minute release, which flies by effortlessly and with soothing qualities. Gradually building courtesy of a pulsating synthesizer, “Toledo” is a hypnotic and encompassing track that finds its bearings early and holds you in with splashes of instrumentation drizzled throughout.

Listen below: