In Stranger ThingsSeason 4 Trailer, Millie Bobby Brown is Finally in Custody

It’s been over two years since Netflix released new episodes of their mega-hit Stranger Things, and we’ll have to wait until sometime in 2022 for season four to arrive on the streaming platform. Mercifully, however, Netflix confirmed today that the season does actually exist and they do plan to release it by uploading a suspenseful supercut teaser. Mixing footage from the first three seasons with quick glimpses of newly shot footage for season four, the teaser footage is a bit hard to parse.

While we do know that season three ends with Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers decision to hightail it out of Hawkins, Indiana to start a new life with her two sons and Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven in tow, we’re not exactly sure what that means for the plot of the new season. Meanwhile, mysterious new Soviet forces are in the mix, which is a nice homage to the ‘80s movies, which had “mysterious Soviet forces” as the villain in just about every third blockbuster. A post-credit scene also left fans shook up about which characters may actually be left alive. It’s hard to piece together what the new footage means, but boils down to this: new monsters, an amusement park, and Eleven seemingly being apprehended for her crimes.

Of course, fans still aren’t even 100 percent sure how many seasons of the show are left. For years, series creators The Duffer Brothers claimed that the show would only last for four seasons, but now there is talk of a fifth one. They remain tight-lipped over whether they plan to make things even stranger with a sixth season or more. Until then, watch the trailer below.