Ganni Collaborates With Depop For a Peter Pan Collar Collection

More affordable than most designer brands in price, more responsible than fast fashion in sustainability, and more fun than average cloth on racks in style – can you think of a reason not to love Ganni? This summer, Ganni announced a new collaboration with Gen-Z marketplace Depop for a capsule collection of the brand’s oversized Peter Pan collars. 

Founded in 2000 and started gaining cult-like popularity in 2010, Ganni has surely established itself as one of the world’s favorite brands. Since 2017, Peter Pan Collars have been one of Ganni’s signatures, appearing from poplin shirts to nap dresses. It’s not surprising that, in floral, animal, and graphic prints, the collaboration is the shared result of six carefully selected designers and creatives from the Depop community,including English singer-songwriter Griff, who reworked Ganni’s most iconic collars from the past collections.

The collars encourage individual styles and the partnership between Ganni and Depop seems natural and indisputable: Ganni has expanded sustainability and recycling efforts by working with Levis for a denim rental program last year while Depop grows fast as a resale and thrift online platform.

Prices ranging between $90 to $140, the collars are available exclusively on Depop through sellers’ pages. Worth noting, the proceeds for Griff’s customized Ganni collar will be donated to Warchild, an organization that empowers young people in conflict areas. 

The collars are now available to shop on