Los Angeles Indie Pop Artist mehro Continues To Dazzle With Latest Single “coastline”

Encompassing the glowing, nostalgic glow of ’80s pop in line with Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, Los Angeles newcomer mehro moulds his music into a West Coast, modern surf-pop experience. Through his poignant lyricism, and sugar-coated, sunny indie sound, mehro creates an inviting space to evoke moments of introspection and appreciation for the world at our fingertips. On his new single “coastline”, his native California aesthetic comes out strong, bringing together the Malibu mountains and shimmering beach-front indie rock.

About the single, he shares: “I wrote the song for a person I could no longer speak to. One night I was looking out to the Malibu mountains and this person came to my mind. This was the song that was channelled through me. I guess it was the only way I could communicate with them. For those who are reading this, and for those who listen to the song, here is what I’ll tell you: there is nothing that you can find outside of yourself, the destination is in your eyesthere is no sight too far, if you will it and believe it, the destination is in your eyes“.

There’s a coming-of-age movie soundtrack feel, as the ’80s synthesizer tones swell against yacht-rock guitars before mehro’s delicate, echoing croon moves overtop as he let’s his emotions run. Listen to the single below: