Indie Artist Michael Lane Finds Freedom In Nature On “Fire In The Night”

After joining the military in his twenties, Michael Lane was forced to face the cruelty and ugliness of war after being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. solider. Returning home, he realized he wanted to devote his life to music. With four full-length albums under his belt, Lane returns with another single “Fire In The Night”, a tribute to his found freedom following his exit from the military.

“After I got out of the army, a group of friends and I went hiking and camping in the smokey mountains. I remember how amazing it was, out in nature, in the middle of this beautiful gorge. “Fire In The Night” is a kind of tribute to that time. Being in the army was being in a prison, and getting out and going camping was the escape. I remember how we made masks from tree bark and danced around the campfire at night, dancing, singing and sharing a bottle of merlot, I’ll never forget it! We are the light in the darkness, no job or status defines who we truly are”.

With a charming, rustic glow, Lane creates a nostalgic and warm experience that brings out the excitement and serenity of a euphoric evening under the stars. Listen below: