Vancouver Indie Pop Trio daysormay Release New Single “Just Existing” From Upcoming Debut LP

As the October 6th release date for their debut album inches closer, Vancouver-based trio daysormay have shared the title track “Just Existing”, the latest in a collection of singles over the past few months. Donning their familiar recipe of upbeat pop instrumentation from multi-instrumentalist/twin brother duo Carson & Nolan Basset, and bright, fresh pop vocals from singer Aidan Andrews, the new single is a four-to-the-floor, driving indie pop record that brings in post-punk revival, and ’10s indie rock energy a lá Phoenix and Bloc Party.

After moving to the big city from their hometown of Vernon, “Just Existing” came to be following some fine tuning and reconstruction, bringing together some of their early, untouched projects to a new era. “It was actually a mashup of 3 older songs we wrote that never went anywhere”, Andrews explains. “We noticed there were parts in all of them that were cool, but the rest was just weighing them down, so we kind of Frankensteined all 3 ideas together into one.”

“Just Existing was one of those songs we have had for a long time. It started as this straight up guitar bass and drums song, and until we moved to Vancouver we didn’t know where it fit. It became one of our favourites live, so we felt it had to make the album. We got to produce this one with Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) and knew it would be right in his lane. It captures the live energy we love with the clarity of our favourite albums.

A music video will be joining the ranks on August 11th, but for now check out the single below: