Boston Rapper DiZ Brings Along Dre Wave$ For New Single “Save Me”

18 year old rapper and saxophonist DiZ combines his skills and influences to create old-school hip-hop with a new school feel, inspired by the likes of MF DOOM, and Earl Sweatshirt. The lyrically-driven flow and East Coast swing makes for a rhyme-filled track with a twisted sample on his new single “Save Me”.

About the new single he shares, “This song is about not being able to move on from past mistakes and various issues, but then the chorus comes in taking about how writing music is the only time I can really dissect those things and put them in the past so I just chase that feeling. This is also my first collaboration with the artist Dre Wave$ who has worked with some notable like redveil and trapo”.

With a strong feature from Dre Wave$ to even out the track, “Save Me” has a head-bopping bounce that leaves plenty of space for the flow and lyrics to reign king. Listen to the single below: